The BECK ERNST flagship store is located on the popular 4th Avenue strip in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. The current collection features an eclectic fusion of traditional artifacts, mixed with modern South African art and design.

“During lockdown, the importance of our living spaces was amplified, not just from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a holistic sense of balance and belonging. This deep realisation, mixed with a long history of buying beautiful things I can’t afford was the spark that ignited this brand”, says Angelo.

Founders Angelo Beck, a brand architect with extensive experience in the advertising industry, and Ernst Mare, an architect working in commercial and residential spaces, both have a passion for home grown art and design that drives the BECK ERNST brand offering. “The most exciting, original design is being created on the African continent. So, our brand strategy is clear – search for new ideas, source unique pieces and collaborate with local designers to create inspiring spaces to live and work in”, says Ernst.

Over and above our store offering, we offer architectural and interior consulting. From smaller new generation living spaces to larger retail, office and residential projects.